Monday, January 18, 2016

Oh My Venus

If you are still hanging in there, remember, you have not reached your limit yet ~ Daegu Venus

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Life's quotes

Life quotes. Faith, patience, life, miracles and hope.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Destined But Not Fated

On 14 February 2014, we were destined to meet. To be able to get to know a person is a sort of a destiny. Just imagine, out of the many billion human beings on this earth, you only manage to meet a number of people in your life. There are some who you get to know briefly and some slightly more deeply. Some people jus came and go, while some lasted slightly longer than the rest.

It was just a normal day,
At least it was for me,
To some it might be special,
As it was V Day, so you see.

It was a Friday, I remembered it well,
On my way to work, stopped by a cafe,
It was not my usual routine,
Not sure why i had to, that day.

And so I just made my order,
A sandwich and a coffee,
I guess it was my lucky day,
As I got the last ham and turkey.

The lady behind me was not so lucky,
As she wanted the ham and turkey too,
She paused and thought for quite a while,
And just did not know what to do.

I felt a little bad,
For grabbing that last one,
And so I offered to change,
And this made that lady stunned.

That was how it all started,
And how we first met,
I guess this was all destined,
And not co-incident, I bet.

As we met a few more times,
After that special day,
So this must not be co-incident ,
It's destiny, I would  say.

I boldly asked for her number,
To my surprise, she agreed,
We kept in touch with each other,
Once in a while we would meet.

As time goes by, I started to develop,
A special feeling I couldn't omit,
But I was afraid to express my feeling,
Or maybe just my ego, yes, i do admit.

But what I didn't  know,
That destiny was not fate,
Destined to meet, but not fated to last,
When I knew, it was all too late.

I should have lost that ego,
And told her how I felt,
But now it is too late,
For the past, should not be dwelt.

It has been ages since I last wrote a poem, this come back is really bad. Haha. But anyway, jus filling up my time. At least I took the initiative to write something.

The message is : If you like someone, go ahead and express your feelings. The worst you can get is rejection. But at least you have tried and at least you know what the outcome is. Its better than u just wait and not do anything, and before you knew it, your chance is gone. And there is no room for regret. Who knows, that person might have the same feelings as you do. And if you did not make that move, it will be such a waste. 

Make  your move. You could be destined to meet, but perhaps not fated to be together. Or maybe destined to meet anf fated to love?

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chapter 2: Love At First Act?

Click here for Chapter 1

Do you believe in love at first sight? I personally feel that it's difficult to fall in love with someone for the very first time you meet. But maybe to some people, it is possible. Perhaps, they have always imagined how their future love will look like. Somewhat, they have a certain criteria for their future lover, and they must marry to that person who fits all their criteria (at least most of it). Therefore, once they come across this particular person who looks like the girl or guy of their dream, then this is what they call love at first sight? I would have guessed so. But just how many is lucky enough to have that dream come true?

     Sometimes, it is quite difficult to meet and get married to the man of your dreams. Just like when you were younger, you have always imagined how you would want your Prince Charming to look like. Like in every fairy tale, your Prince Charming will be tall, very handsome, and ride white horses. But of course in reality, you will need to ditch that whole riding white horse thingy. Maybe a white car? Anyway, what I am trying to say here is, you might be able to meet the man of your dreams, perhaps the guy who looks like the man of your dreams, but how about his attitude? I would think someone's attitude or behavior is more important than rather just looks itself. Well, if you are able to find someone who looks like your Prince Charming and have all the characteristics of your dream man too, then you are one lucky girl. So hold on tight to him, and never let go. Because he is all you have ever dreamed of? Isn't it not? But some people might not be as lucky, they might achieve  the looks part but not the right behaviour? Or perhaps they might meet the person with the best behaviour but does not quite look like your Prince Charming. So it all depends if you would prefer looks or behaviour. 

     Hmph. Talking about this, brings me back to think about the guy in front of me who gave up his turkey and ham sandwich for me. Well, I was really touched and thankful. And I think I immediately had an affection for him. You must be thinking that I am still acting like a naive young girl, who still have crushes on boys. But, there is this instant feeling which I cannot hide nor lie to myself. I think I do have a crush on this guy who gave up his sandwich for me. (Smiling to myself like a mad girl) Sometimes I cought myself smiling for no reason, then I only I realized that I was thinking about him. Could this be Love at first act? Does this phrase even exist or make any sense? I don't know. All I know is, will I be able to meet this person again? 



Friday, December 5, 2014

Chapter 1 : Hello Stranger

Have you ever thought that a normal day with the same old routine could turn out to be a little different one day? Take for example, you walk out of your apartment, walk towards the bus stop, wait for the bus to arrive, board the bus when it arrives, get off the bus when you reach your work place, before going into your work place, you stop by a little cafe to grab your breakfast (something which you do every time without fail), then head over to your office because your watch tells you that it's going to be 9 am in 5 minutes and you will be late for work if you stay a second longer at that little cafe (Phew, that was long.) And the list goes on and on until you finally go to bed, shut your eyes and hope to dream of something good.

     Well, that clearly sounds like a routine to me. Doing the same things everyday, nothing very special. But that is just an outline. I guess outline is not quite the correct word in this context, but well, I hope you get what I am trying to say. If I were to write an essay, the "outline" shall be the main point. And then this main point will be supported by details and facts. I hope that made sense. Anyway, I was saying, that is just an outline. But what can make a same old routine different is the little events that happens in between those outline. For example, as you walked out of your apartment, you noticed a puddle of rainwater, and you'd be very cautious not to step into it, so you won't ruin your new pair of heels. As you walked towards the bus stop, you saw that your bus has already arrived but you are still 300 meters away from the bus stop and it was about to make a move. Sigh! That would mean that you need to wait for the next bus to arrive. Once the next bus is here, you boarded the bus and took a seat beside an elderly woman who kept trying to talk to you. You entertained her at first out of courtesy, but then felt quite annoyed because you were just not in the mood to talk that morning and want to have a peaceful bus ride to work. And when that 15 minutes bus ride to work finally come to an end after you felt like it has been forever, you hop off the bus and stop by the little cafe as usual. Upon entering, you have already decided to order a turkey and ham sandwich because that was what you had been craving for since the night before you went to bed. So  you ordered that, but to your disappointment, the person just right in front of you in the queue took the last one. And you would go "Oh, crap!" And you just stood there for the whole one minute because you did not know what else to order as turkey and ham sandwich was all you wanted that morning. As you were going through the menu for the 10th time, suddenly a voice said "Hey, why don't you take my turkey and ham? I feel like eating chicken sandwich now."

          You turned towards the voice, and noticed that he was the person right in front of you in line who got the last turkey and ham sandwich. And that guy did not even get your approval, he just went ahead and ordered another chicken sandwich. At that moment, all you could do was to just smile broadly. Not even sure, if you were smiling because you finally got that turkey and ham sandwich which you had been craving, or that you were thankful for that act of kindness. Or perhaps, you were flattered that a good looking guy just gave up the sandwich of his choice because you couldn't think of something else to eat. And after 30 seconds of making a fool out of yourself, only then you managed to say "Thank you. That was very kind of you, but you didn't have to."

            "Well, I was contemplating if I should get chicken or turkey and ham. And you came at the right time, you helped me decide. Maybe, it's fated that I should eat chicken sandwich today."

             And you smiled again. "Anyway, still, thank you." And you unconsciously extended your hand and said "Rachel."

             "Shane. Pleasure meeting you." And you shook hands with that person who was in front of you in line who got the last turkey and ham sandwich. But then he gave it up for you.

               Well, that, was what I meant by, a same old routine could get a little different one day. Or it could probably mean a start of something new? Who knows? The outline could be slightly boring, but the details are what that spices things up.

                "Hello, stranger."

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quotes on Life, Inspriation and Motivation.

Lately I have been looking through quotes alot on what others share on Google +.  Here are some of my favorites. I'm not sure who the real authors are but to the real authors out there,  thank you very much for your deep thoughts and kind advise.

And here are some of my own thoughts. 

Well, nothing much from me. I have never done these before. I find this quite challenging. This is harder than writing a poem.

I used PicQuotes app to create those picture quotes. You can find it on Play Store. 

Thanks for your time. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Polaris Suites @ Selayang Star City


As the property price in Malaysia is going up, up and up, it's getting a little tougher for us young people to own a home/property. Well, I mean for those of us who are coming to our mid/late twenties and above and it's time to for us to start/raise a family. Getting a home does not only mean getting a roof over our heads, but is also a kind of investment. No matter if its for own stay or investment, owning a property is sort of a necessity now as this is the safest investment (in my opinion).

There are many areas/property/projects out there which you can look into.

If you are looking to invest around Selayang area, here's one you can consider. 

For further details, please kindly visit THIS link and kindly contact Sean Teo (Email : for assistance. He will be more than willing to assist you. He also specializes in Old Klang Road, Kuchai Lama and Bukit Jalil area. =)

Let's hope that we can all one day afford our very first property (soon).

P/S : This is not an ad and I am not paid to post this (as if anyone even care to read my blog). Just lending a helping hand to a very nice friend since social networking now is super convenient. Except for a few minutes of my time, I don't think I am loosing anything else =)

Feel free to share this post/link, well, it only takes a minute. =) It is very much appreciated if you do so.

Thanks and Regards,

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